How Much is Level 4 Home Care Package?

How Much is Level 4 Home Care Package?

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  • 30 June, 2024
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The Level 4 Home Care Package in Australia provides high-level care for seniors, with annual government funding of $59,757. This funding translates to approximately 14 hours of care per week, designed to assist individuals who require significant help with daily activities. The package is tailored to meet the extensive needs of seniors, ensuring they can maintain independence at home while receiving the necessary support

How Much is Level 4 Home Care Package?

Understanding home care costs can seem complex. But if you’re exploring aged care packages in Australia, you might be curious about Level 3. It’s a government-backed option for seniors with moderate care needs who wish to remain at home.

The funding for a Level 3 package is $39,310.50 a year or $107.70 each day. With this plan, you can enjoy up to 8 hours of personal care weekly. It’s all about staying independent while getting the help you need.

Remember, the cost of home care changes depending on your situation. The package’s worth is checked every year, often on July 1st. What you pay may also depend on certain income-tested care fees. This could influence the total support available to you.

How Much is Level 4 Home Care Package?

Understanding Home Care Packages in Australia

Home Care Packages in Australia support seniors to stay independent at home. Services can include help with daily needs and personal care. These packages are tailored to each person’s requirements.

What are Home Care Packages?

Home Care Packages are supported by the government for older Australians. They help by providing various services such as personal care and nursing. These services aim to make aging at home easier.

The four levels of Home Care Packages

Home Care Packages Australia has four levels, each offering different support:

Package LevelCare NeedsFunding (per fortnight)
Level 1Basic$395.04
Level 2Low$694.35
Level 3Intermediate$1,511.96
Level 4High$2,292.08

Eligibility criteria for Home Care Packages

To get a Home Care Package, you must:

  • Be 65 or older (50 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people)
  • Need help to live safely at home
  • Have an assessment with an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)

The ACAT assessment decides if you qualify and what care level you need. After approval, you pick a service provider. This ensures you get directed help and personal services.

How Much Is Level 3 Home Care Package

Level 3 Home Care Packages are for older Australians who need moderate support. The costs depend on the person’s needs and situation.

Government funding for Level 3 packages

The Australian government sets aside $39,320.03 yearly for Level 3 Home Care Packages. This means a daily fund of $107.70. It helps with various aged care services, keeping you independent at home.

Additional costs and fees

Even with the government’s help, you might still pay extra for some services:

  • Basic daily fee: $11.40 per day ($159.60 fortnightly)
  • Income-tested care fee: This fee changes based on your income

People on a full pension or earning up to $30,204.20 each year don’t pay the income-tested care fee.

Factors affecting package costs

Many things can change how much you spend on your care package. For example, the type of services or your choice of provider.

Other factors like self-management and additional services can also affect the cost.

You get to choose how to use your care package funds. This is part of the Consumer Directed Care model. So, whether you need support after surgery or want to stay home, a Level 3 package can help.

Services Included in a Level 3 Home Care Package

A Level 3 Home Care Package meets your intermediate care needs. It gives you up to $32,500 a year to spend. This money is to make sure you stay independent and safe at home.

It includes help with your personal care. This means assisting you in the shower, toilet, and getting dressed. You also get support with your household chores. That includes cleaning, mowing the lawn, and keeping your property in shape.

Need help with meals, shopping, or getting to social events? This package has you covered. It helps you keep up your lifestyle and join community activities. It can also get you special tools like KISA phones or mobility scooters if you need them.

Service CategoryExamples
Personal CareShowering, dressing, toileting
Domestic AssistanceCleaning, laundry, gardening
Social SupportTransport to activities, companionship
Health SupportMedication management, nursing care
EquipmentMobility aids, communication devices

And, don’t forget, you can change your package to suit your evolving needs. If you need more care, you can ask for a higher level package. That way, you always get the support that’s right for you.

Comparing Level 3 to Other Home Care Package Levels

Knowing the different levels of aged care packages is key to making smart choices for elderly care. Let’s look at how Level 3 stacks up against other home care package levels in Australia.

Level 1 and 2 Packages: Basic and Low-level Care

Level 1 and 2 packages are for those needing basic to low-level care. The government gives $10,299 for Level 1 and $18,113 for Level 2 each year. They offer 2-3 hours of help per week, including light housekeeping and some personal care.

Level 3 Package: Intermediate Care Needs

Level 3 home care packages give more support for people with intermediate care needs. The government funds $39,418 annually, providing 9-10 hours of help a week. This level is good for seniors who need quite a bit of help to stay independent at home.

Level 4 Package: High-level Care Needs

For those with high-level care needs, Level 4 packages are best. The government contributes $59,757 each year, offering about 14 hours of care every week. It’s for people who need a lot of help with daily activities.

Transitioning Between Package Levels

If your care needs change, you might need to switch between package levels. ACAT will reassess you for this, so you can get the right level of care. If you’re waiting for a higher package, you can get a lower one in the meantime.

Package LevelAnnual Government FundingAverage Weekly Support Hours
Level 1$10,2992 hours
Level 2$18,1133 hours
Level 3$39,4189-10 hours
Level 4$59,75714 hours

Home care costs differ based on your needs and the provider you choose. It’s important to talk to My Aged Care or a service provider to understand all of your options for elderly care assistance.

Applying for a Level 3 Home Care Package

To get a Level 3 Home Care Package, you need to go through a clear process. This helps make sure you’re eligible for care. Knowing the steps makes it easier to work with the aged care system.

The ACAT Assessment Process

The first step is an ACAT evaluation. A team will check your health, how you live, and what care you need. They’ll give you results in 2-6 weeks to see if you qualify for care.

Waiting Times and the National Priority System

When you qualify, they’ll put you on a waiting list. How long you’ll wait depends on what care you need and if there are packages available. You can find out how long your wait is on the My Aged Care website.

This system is used to make sure everyone gets a fair share of home care money in Australia.

Choosing a Home Care Provider

After you get a package, you have 56 days to choose a provider. Picking a good provider is important for the quality of your care. They will make a plan based on what you need. Remember, with a Level 3 package, you can get 9-10 hours of help each week. And you might not have to pay the full amount thanks to government help of up to $34,550 each year.

Knowing these steps helps you get the care you need through the Home Care Packages Program.

Maximising Your Level 3 Home Care Package

To make your Level 3 Home Care Package work best for you, smart spending is key. By planning well, you can use your money for lots of different at-home services. Work with your care provider to design a custom care plan just for you.

Be sure to check out all the services available. Your package can pay for things like help with personal care, cleaning, and social activities. These services aim to keep you independent and enhance your life at home. You can also get help for your usual carers through respite care.

Understand that your needs might shift as time goes on. It’s important to regularly look over and tweak your care plan. This way, your plan will always be what you need. Being both active and informed about your package helps you get the most out of your support, making home a more comfortable place to be.


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